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Harbor Children’s Therapy uses evidence-based practice modalities in an engaging, safe environment. Occupational Therapy is a scientifically based use of purposeful, playful activities to improve cognitive, physical, emotional, social, and motor skills.


The goal is to reach the individual’s highest potential for independence in all areas of their lives, including play, school, and activities of daily living.


Our therapy environment invites the child into play interactions that stimulate growth in sensory, motor, perceptual, social, and language development.  Our staff has creatively orchestrated the setting with innovative equipment and techniques which gives our clinic a unique approach to children and their families.  


In addition to direct services, we also provide consultations to families, schools, childcare agencies, and other professionals. Our specialty training includes:


Ayres Sensory Integration Therapy ®

Based upon the pioneering work of Jean Ayres, sensory integration is the ability of the brain to take in, sort out, and respond to the sensory information we receive from the environment.  It is especially important in individuals who are under/over-sensitive to sound, light, touch, noise, movement, taste, smell, etc.


Integrated Listening System (iLs) ®

iLs is a multi-sensory program for improving brain function. It is an enjoyable activity, or “exercise,” which can be customized for all ages and skill levels for implementation in clinic, school or home. iLs has a global effect on the brain and central nervous system, influencing the following systems: balance, visual, auditory, motor, coordination, behavior and emotional regulation. As a result, it is successfully implemented for a wide variety of conditions.


The Alert Program ®

Program of self-regulation using sensory strategies specific to an individual child’s nervous system processing.


Handwriting Without Tears ®

A kinesthetic approach to teaching writing which follows a developmental teaching sequence with teaching letters in groups of similar strike sequence.


Neurodevelopmental Treatment

Developed by the Bobaths, this treatment is based on the brain’s ability to reorganize and recover after neurological injury.  This approach is frequently used with children with cerebral palsy and dysfunction in posture and movement patterns.


Interactive Metronome ®

A computer-based technology to enhance motor planning, sequencing and timing which can improve learning and a variety of types of performance that depend on the ability to plan and sequence actions and ideas.


RDI (Relationship Development Intervention)  ®

Often referred to as the “missing piece”, or second chance at developmental benchmarks, RDI supports families in guiding their children by enhancing the quality of interactions. Parents are an integral part of the process and learn to rethink lifestyle, routine activities and provide guidelines to challenging opportunities for mental growth.